Audition information and cast list
Auditions: January 2-3 (6-900pm), January 4 (9 to 1200pm), call backs January 6

Location: Cambridge Historic School - 213 South Street, Cambridge

​Show dates July 16-19, 2020

​Directors: Betsy Bamlett & Deanne Herrling

  • Auditions will be by appointment, made online with no waiting!
  • You will read from a script, sing a song and learn a few dance steps (wear comfortable clothing/shoes). *Plan to be at auditions for about an hour.
  • Age requirements - 2nd grade and up
  • Questions? email

Gomez Addams, Tenor (Bb2-G4, stage age 40+)
An attractive man of Spanish descent, who adores his wife, takes great pride in his children, and is immensely proud to be an Addams. Must have great comedic timing, move well and strong vocals, fencing skills a plus.

Morticia Addams (Alto/Mezzo Sop. (G3-Bb5, stage age 40+)
The real head of the family and the critical and moving force behind it; easy comedic actress with a sexy, dry wit; a strong dancer.

Uncle Fester (Tenor (C3-C5, stage age 35+)
Serves as the musical’s narrator; rotund and child-like, hugely enthusiastic and totally incorrigible; a vaudevillian, needs strong comedy and tenor vocals.

Wednesday Addams, strong pop voice with belt (A3-E5, stage age 18)
Gothic, witty with a terrifically dry sense of humor;

Pugsley Addams, strong high vocals (stage age 12)
A charming, funny, husky boy. Voice not changed.

Grandma, strong character vocals (G5-F5, stage age 102) to play a feisty old woman.
Fun and quirky. Comedic actress with strong character vocals.

Lurch, Bass (Eb2-E4, stage age 40+)
Tall, a man of very few words, often spoken at half speed.

Mal Beinecke (bari-tenor (C3-A4, stage age 40+)
Stuffy father of 19-year-old Lucas.

Alice Beinecke, soprano-high belt (Ab3-G5, stage age 40+)
Mother of Lucas, mousey housewife. Very strong comedic singer/actress

Lucas Beinecke, Pop Tenor (C3-C5, stage age 19)
Attractive, in shape young man who fell in love with Wednesday Addams and plans to marry her.

The Ancestors (including Cousin Itt)  (SATB, all ages)
Strong contemporary singer/dancers who sing and have a fun, quirky sensibility. Knowledge of tango and flamenco dancing a plus.

*Ancestors with speaking/solo lines: conquistador, caveman, soldier, saloon girl, bride, puritan, flapper

1) Read the cast and family expectation document

2) Print and fill-out application to bring to auditions

3) Register for a date/time

4) Print the script below for the character you would like to audition for.  *Ancestor roles can read from any script

5) Print and practice music listed below for your vocal range.

The 2020 Children's show will be.....TBD

Please choose to sing one of the below songs for your vocal range (30-60 seconds)

Soprano - “Waiting” or “Pulled” 

Soprano 2 (Mezzo-Soprano)/Alto - “Just Around the Corner” or “Pulled”

Tenor - “The Moon and Me” or “What If?” 

Tenor 2/Bass (Baritone) - “Happy/Sad” or “Live Before We Die”  

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