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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​South Pacific SHOW DATES:  

Thurs, Fri, Sat, July 19th, 20th &,21st at 7pm

Sunday July 22nd Matinee at 2pm

​Tickets available to the public using the big orange button below the address on the top of this page, starting July 9th until midnight 2 DAYS before the show date to allow for processing.   Patrons are assigned priority reserved seating based on the date the donation is received, i.e., early donations receive the best reserved seats.  More information on our Fundraiser page.

CD Player's "South Pacific" 2018 Cast List

Director, Judy Brandt

Stage Manager, Diane Evensen

Ensign Nellie Forbush, a nurse from Arkansas - Brooke Woolever
Emile de Becque, an expatriate French Plantation owner - Dakota Viken
Ngana, Emile's daughter - Kyla Tobias
Jerome, Emile's son - Kent Mullen
Henri, Emile's native servant - Brian Mullen
Bloody Mary, A Tonkinese trader - Virginia Becker
Liat, Bloody Mary's daughter - Kendra Tobias
Bloody Mary’s Assistant - Deanne Herrling
Seabee Luther Billis - Jay Fisher
Abner - Ty Jensen
Stewpot (Carpenter's Mate 2nd class) - Brian Mullen
Professor and Lieutenant Buzz Adams and Radio Operator Bob McCaffrey - Ty Jensen
Lieutenant Joseph Cable, USMC - Ken Smith
Captain George Brackett, US Navy- Shawn Whitman
Commander William Harbison, US Navy- Rob Pope
Yeoman Herbert Quale - Mark Martinez
Seabee Morton Wise -
Seabee Richard West - Michael Fisher
Seaman James Hayes - Jacob Williams
​Seaman Tom O'Brien - Eion Sullivan
Sgt. Ken Johnson - Ty Jensen
Corporal Hamilton Steeves - Eion Sullivan
Staff Sgt. Thomas Hassinger - Amy Posner
Lieutenant Genevieve Marshall, lead nurse - Jenna Martinez
Ensign Dinah Murphy and Shore Patrolman - Jenna Martinez
Ensign Janet MacGregor - Peggy Pope
Ensign Bessie Noonan - 
Ensign Connie Walewska - Barbara Kreul
Ensign Rita Adams - Olivia Mazarra
Ensign Cora MacRae - Sarah Waltz
Ensign Lisa Minelli - Elizabeth Miller
Ensign Pamela Whitmore – Brittany Smith
Ensign Sue Yaeger – Gwen Schneider
Marcel – Gayle Hemberger-Lee

Nurses -
Lizbet Geimer, Gayle Hemberger-Lee, Barbara Kreul, Jenna Martinez, Karla Martinez, Bella Mazzara, Olivia Mazzara, Elizabeth Miller, Lindsay Moen,  Peggy Pope, Amy Posner, Kasey Schmidt, Gwen Schneider, Brittany Smith, Liz Beth Sracic, Chloe Thompson, Angela Ventura, Sarah Waltz, Teagan Welscher

Sailors, Seebeas and Marines -

Phillip Boeve, Jacob Williams, Brian Mullens, Ty Jensen, Shawn Whitman, Robert Pope, Mark Martinez, Michael Fischer, Eion Sullivan

Island and French girls -

Annika Dunnington, Rowan Franke, Lindsay Moen, Hailey Nett, Paige Nett, Eliana Pope, Eliza Pope, Samantha Schmidt, Adelina Schmitt, Jenna Waltz

The Lion King, JR!

Rodgers & Hammerstein’s

Adapted from the Pulitzer Prize winning novel
“Tales of the South Pacific”  by James A. Michener

Cast of Youth 2nd grade through 8th grade!

Cast of Youth and adults from 6th grade through 99 years!

​​​​​​​​The Lion King SHOW DATES:  

Thurs & Fri August 23th & 24 at 7:00 pm

Sat, August 25th at 11 am and 7:00 pm

Sunday, August 26th at 2:00 pm

​Tickets available to the public starting August 6th.   Patrons are assigned priority reserved seating based on the date the donation is received, i.e., early donations receive the best reserved seats.  More information on our Fundraiser page.

CD Player’s Lion King Cast List -2018

  • Director, Judy Brandt
  • Stage Manager, Mackenzie Smith
  • Rafiki - Emma Hellberg
  • Mufasa - Alex Neal
  • Sarabi - Audrianne Kieler
  • Zazu - Jacob Williams
  • Scar - Eion Sullivan
  • Young Simba - Eli Witkowski
  • Simba - Sam Thompson
  • Young Nala - Mara Brown
  • Nala - Chloe Thompson
  • Sarafina - Olivia Mazzara
  • Banzai, hyena - Alma Mickelson
  • Shenzi, hyena - Eli Stecker
  • Ed, hyena - Isabella Hollis
  • Timon - Cassie Meister
  • Pumba - Carter Brown

Animal Chorus Groups:


Ella Perry  (lead Gazelle)

Greta Kantzler

Kate Armendariz

Jenna Waltz

Aubrey Witkowski

Anika Dunnington


Calli Lawson (lead Cheetah)

Eliana Pope

Neveah Shears

Natalie Grob

Madisyn Anderson

Eliza Pope


Cora Bennett (lead Zebra)

Grace Albedyll

Blessa Fiesel  

Eleanor Thompson

Hailey Nett


Ilsa Lund (lead Hyena)

Kinsley Johnson

Alonya Kessler

Norah Beattie

Liberty Fiesel

Ian Waltz

Lily Dunsirn


Kendra Tobias (lead Lioness)

Jordyn Bieberitz

Scarlett Jelinek

Adelina Schmitt

Kennedy Reichert

Kyla Tobias


Lindsay Moen (lead Giraffe)

Mara Shefte

Paige Nett

Ava Larson

Samantha Schmidt


Jordyn B (lead Monkey)

Maya Geiger

Lillian Holmes

Cally Travis

Sasha Koebke

Ward Fiesel


Kacey Schmidt (lead Bird)

Arden Nickerson

Zander Willard

Petra Rockwell

Teagan Welscher


Josie Punsel (lead Elephant)

Abbie Bennett

Rowan Franke

Alex Jones

Zander Willard


Sawyer Lawson (lead Buffalo)

Logan Cox

Ayden Anderson

Lucas Fisher

Henry Perry

Kaden Dabbs