​​​​​​​​Peter Pan Jr SHOW DATES:  

Thurs & Fri August 22nd & 23rd at 7:00 pm

Sat, August 24th at 11 am and 7:00 pm

Sunday, August 25th at 2:00 pm

​Tickets available to the public using the link above.   Patrons are assigned priority reserved seating based on the date the donation is received, i.e., early donations receive the best reserved seats.  More information on our Fundraiser page.

CD Player’s Peter Pan Jr Cast List -2019

  • Director- Judy Brandt
  • Assisting Director - Betsy Bamlett
  • Stage Manager: Diane Evenson
  • Peter Pan - Alex Jones
  • ​Peter Pan's shadow - Ben Fisher
  • Tinker Bell - Elizabeth Kendall
  • The Fairies -     Iridessa - Mara Brown
                                 Silvermist - Cora Bennett
                                 Rosetta - Greta Kantzler
                                 Fawn - Grace Gullickson
                                 Lyria - Kyla Tobias
                                 Vidia - Liberty Fiesel

  • Fairies:  Petra Rockwell, Caitlin Suick, Hailey Nett, Josie Punsel, Anika Dunnington, Rowan Franke, Madisyn Andersen, Caralyn Suick, Cally Travis, Alonya Kessler, Mae Carlson, Abbie Bennett, Melissa Jingga-Maron, Vienna Olson
  • Wendy - Kendra Tobias
  • John Darling- Jake Maliborski
  • Michael Darling - Cody Reichert
  • Mr. Darling​ - Henry Carlson
  • Mrs. Darling - Emma Hellberg
  • Nana - ​Real dog or does someone want to play this part?
  • Captain Hook - Ward Fiesel
  • Smee - Lindsay Moen
  • The Pirates -      Jukes - Samantha Schmidt
                                   Flint - Kennedy Reichert
                                   Cookson - Sarah Hafenstein
                                   Murphy - Grace Albedyll
                                   Noodler - Mikaia Boswell
                                   Skylights - Hannah True
    Pirates:  Callie Suick, Hunter Davies, Aubrey Witkowski, Greenly Williams, Nadia Bynum, Casey Travis, Peyton Kramper, Courtney Stauffacher, Paige Nett, Jahslyn Bynum, Bella Hollis, Amanda Punsel, Ilsa Lund
  • The Crocodile -  Blessa Fiesel
  • The Lost Boys -    Raccoon Twins - Eli Witkowski and Ayden Andersen
                                     Cubby - Lucas Fisher
                                     Skunk - Logan Cox
                                     Fox - Alexandria Kutz
                                     Hop - Samantha Drollinger

  • Chief Tiger Bamboo - Luke Marren
  • Tiger Lily - Teagan Welscher
  • The Indians -     Brave Pine - Anika Dunnington
                                  Brave Oak - Hailey Nett
                                  Brave Shrub - Josie Punsel
    Indians - Madisyn Andersen, Rowan Franke, Caitlin Suick, Mara Brown, Cora Bennett, Greta Kantzler, Grace Gullickson, Kyla Tobias, Liberty Fiesel, Caralyn Suick, Cally Travis, Alonya Kessler, Petra Rockwell, Caitlin Suick, Mae Carlson, Melissa Jingga-Maron, Abbie Bennett, Vienna Olson

  • The Mermaids -      Aquata - Bella Hollis
                                        Andrina - Amanda Punsel
                                        Arista - Ilsa Lund
                                        Atina - Aubrey Witkowski
                                        Adella - Greenly Williams
                                        Allana - Nadia Bynum
    Mermaids - Callie Suick, Samantha Schmidt, Hunter Davies, Kennedy Reichert, Sarah Hafenstein, Casey Travis, Grace Albedyll, Mikaia Boswell, Hannah True, Peyton Kramoer, Courtney Stauffacherm Paige Nett, Jahslyn Bynum

Cambridge-Deerfield Players Theater

213 South St., PO Box 511, Cambridge, WI  53523

Cast of Youth 2nd grade through 8th grade!  

Cast of youth and adults

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mary Poppins SHOW DATES: 

NEW! Fri, Sat and Sunday July 12, 13 at 7pm (With 'A' Lead characters)

NEw! Sunday July 14th 2pm (With 'A' Lead characters)

Fri, Sat, July 19th &,20th at 7pm (With 'B' Lead characters)

Sunday July 21st Matinee at 2pm (With 'B' Lead characters)

​​CD Player's "Mary Poppins" 2019 Cast List

Director: Deanne Herrling
Music Director: Betsy Bamlett


Mary Poppins - A - Sarah Mickelson
Mary Poppins - B - Ellyn Werner
Bert - A - Brian Mullen
Bert - B - Noah Keating
George Banks  - A - Mikey Jarlsberg

George Banks  - B - Jay Fisher
Winifred Banks - A - Allison Foree
Winifred Banks - B - Jenna Martinez
Jane Banks - A - Adelina Schmitt
Jane Banks - B - Natalie Rhodes
Michael Banks - A - Lucas Fisher
Michael Banks - B - Kent Mullen
Katie Nanna - Kat Johnson
Chairman of the Board & Policeman - Rob Pope
Miss Lark - Megan Sullivan
Mrs Brill - Beth Lewis
Robertson Ay - Eion Sullivan
Park Keeper - Mark Martinez
Neleus - Kat Johnson
Queen Victoria - Teagan Welscher
Greek Statues - Luna Wisdom & Barbara Kreul
Miss Smyth - Esther Pope
Admiral Boom & Von Hussler - Ken Smith
John Northbrook - Noah Keating
Bird Woman - Angie Williams
Mrs Corry - Tara Bultman
Corry Twins -
    Annie - Chloe Thompson
    Frannie - Britt Smith
Chimney Sweeps - 
    Noah Keating (A)
    Brian Mullen (B)
    Rob Pope
    Ken Smith
    Chloe Thompson
    Kacey Schmitt
    Luna Wisdom
    Esther Pope
    Megan Sullivan
    Teagan Welscher

    Cora Greismer
Miss Andrew - Bella Bamlett
Messenger - Wiley Pope
Live Toys - Have their own song...some have lines and solo singing lines.
    Valentine - Lindsey Moen
    Mr Punch - Everett Feirtag
    Bisque Doll - Claudia Fitzgibbon
    Paper Doll - Vanessa Feirtag
    Ballerina - Alonya Kessler
    Sock Monkey - Asher Werdin
    Nesting Dolls - 
         Cora Greismer
         Lily Holmes
         Eliana Pope
    Teddy Bear - Lucas Fisher (B)
    Teddy Bear - Kent Mullen (A)
    Raggedy Ann - Lead Toy - Adelina Schmitt (B) and Natalie Rhodes (A)
    Lion - Samantha Schmidt
Bank Clerks:
Wiley Pope
Rob Pope
Mark Martinez
Kat Johnson
Britt Smith

Barbara Kruel

Peggy Pope

Ensemble - Corry Shop, Park, Kite flyers, Bank Customers:     
Alonya Kessler
Everett Feirtag
Esther Pope

Peggy Pope
Lily Holmes
Natalie Rhodes (A)
Barbara Kruel
Kat Johnson
Claudia Fitzgibbon
Dory Lewis
Cora Greismer
Kacey Schmidt
Samantha Schmidt
Luna Wisdom
Angie Williams
Asher Werdin
Sarah Mickelson (B)
Ellyn Werner (A)
Allison Foree (B)
Ken Smith
Eion Sullivan
Chloe Thompson
Tara Bultman
Kat Johnson
Vanessa Feirtag
Teagan Welscher
Britt Smith
Megan Sullivan
Lindsay Moen
Mark Martinez
Eliana Pope
Asher Werdin
Cannon Jo Wiley
Lucas Fisher (B)
Kent Mullen (A)
Adelina Schmitt (B)