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Best. Holiday. Ever.

Your stories, told live.

Stories help us build bridges. Stories can lead us into fellowship with each other. They help us deepen our care and concern for one another.  Hopefully all left this night with their hearts full.

The topic of this event was "Best Holiday Ever."

Almost all of us have had an unforgettable holiday. On this night, we heard from neighbors and friends as they told five-minute personal stories of a memorable holiday trip/dinner/family time in their lives. They did that in front of a live audience. This was not a contest - no winner was chosen - but we all took away a prize: the opportunity to come together for food, drink, and fun. Host John Scott ended the show with an essay about the beauty of the holidays.

CAP Food Pantry Logo.png

Thanks to those who brought donations for the

Cambridge CAP Food Pantry. 

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