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Cast Expectations

The Addams Family: July 14-16 at 7pm, July 17 at 2pm 


The following requirements must be met in order to participate as a cast member in the CDPT shows.


  • Attend the Kick-Off Meeting on 5/21/22 at 10am, Historic School gym, 213 South Street, Cambridge.   

  • Complete and pass a background check (adults 18 and older) 

  • Attend all rehearsals starting with the tech nights and continuing until show time (excused absences from rehearsals allowed at the discretion of the directors) 

  • Participate in all show dates (at the discretion of the directors). 

  • Pay a cast fee of $25 per cast member.  $50 for families with 2 or more cast members. 

  • Volunteer 10 hours of time for each cast member, with a maximum of 25 hours per family. 


The Addams Family Kick-off “re-wind” meeting 

Adults over age 18 and cast members under 18, or their parent, must attend one of the Kick-Off Meetings to become a cast member.  The first meeting is on Saturday, May 21 at 10:00 a.m. at the Historic School gym, 213 South Street, Cambridge. The cast will be introduced, rehearsal schedules discussed, scripts distributed, the cast fee will be collected, t-shirt can be ordered (payment required) and other details about the show will be presented.   

Cast fee 

 A fee of $25 per cast member or $50 per family is to help offset the costs of presenting a musical is payable at the kick-off meeting. Checks should be made out to CD Players Theater. There is a scholarship fund available to assist with the cast fee if needed. Please see a board member for details. 

Volunteer Hours

All cast members, or their family members, will be required to put in at least 10 hours of volunteer time for each cast member.  You will be notified of volunteer opportunities via email from SIGNUP.COM.  Cast and families are expected to participate in the following volunteer activities: 

  • (Tentative) Cambridge Memorial Day Parade Monday, May 30 arrive at 9:30 Cast and family members are needed for the float and to walk along the route handing out candy and ticket information flyers.  Meet at the Cambridge Historical School, 213 South Street, Cambridge. *There may be a second parade in Lake Mills the last weekend of June – stay tuned for more information. 

  • Set Build Saturday, June 11 at 9:00am 

  • Promote the show by putting up posters announcing the show dates. 

Other volunteer activities include building and striking the set, assisting with children’s costumes during rehearsals, painting sets, creating accessories and hand props, cleaning backstage areas during rehearsals and shows, greeter at the door on show dates, selling tickets at the door, selling flowers, telegrams and concessions and ushering at shows.  Record volunteer hours at the table near the cast entrance/exit as you leave the building.   


Expectations of actors and families

All CD Players rehearsals are CLOSED REHEARSALS. 

This means that only cast members, production staff and those volunteering will be permitted in the gym or on stage during rehearsals and shows.  Volunteers working in the gym during rehearsals must respect the cast and Directors by speaking quietly and taking cell phone calls out in the hallways.  The Directors should not be interrupted during rehearsals.  Parents who are picking up children at the end of rehearsals must wait quietly in the gym until the cast has been dismissed. 



Cast members are expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals unless you have notified the Directors on your audition application of dates you cannot attend.  At the end of each rehearsal, cast and crew are assembled for what is called “Director notes”.  At this time specific instructions are given to cast and crew relating to the rehearsal, instructions for future rehearsals and reminders for upcoming events. 

The rehearsal schedule will be posted to the web site.  If an emergency comes up and you are unable to attend or will be late to a rehearsal text Dede at 608-212-0672 at least one-half hour prior. Please include your name in the text. 

Contribute at least one dozen baked goods for the concession stand for at least one performance.  We ask that all baked goods be brought in the Thursday or Friday of performance week.  We also ask that you bring in an item to donate for concessions and other hous
ekeeping items (paper towels, toilet paper, Kleenex or other items.) 

Costumes are the responsibility of the actor.  Some costumes are custom made for specific cast members and some are created from the costumes CD Players has in stock or has borrowed.  You may be asked to provide items to complete the costume such as shoes, socks, leggings, shirts, pants, etc.  Hang up all costume pieces at the end of rehearsals and shows. Notify the costumer if your costume needs repairs such as ripped seams or hems, missing buttons, etc.   

Cell phones must be turned OFF during rehearsals and performances when microphones are in use. 

Cast members need to arrive 1 to 2 hours prior to performances to allow enough time to be in full makeup and costume at least ½ hour prior to show time. 

Other ways to help

​1. Contact a board member during rehearsals for information on becoming a patron.

2. Collect receipts from the Cambridge Piggly Wiggly and put in the envelope provided.  Bring the receipts to rehearsals or mail to CD Players Theater, PO Box 511 by June 15 or December 15.  CD Players receives a donation from the Cambridge Piggly Wiggly equal to 1% of the receipt dollar value.  

3. When you place orders on Amazon Smile, simply choose the Cambridge-Deerfield Players Theater group as your charity and we will receive a small percentage of every sale.