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As we head into the summer season of performances, CD Players Theater is available to partner with your business to generate traffic and/or raise awareness of your products and services in our region.

Your investment not only supports our organization's priceless contribution to our communities, but delivers tangible results at an affordable price point.

Title Sponsorship

This program completely integrates your business with the summer  performances. As title sponsor, you will be given maximum exposure in all facets of CDP advertising during our most active months, June-August.

Title Sponsorship Benefits

Audience demographic: 25-54 women

  • Your business will be included in every asset promoting the shows

  • Your logo and link will be visible alongside ours..."Presented by...."

  • Page one logo on the printed playbill for each performance

  • Home page "above the fold" logo and link on

  • Your logo and slogan/tagline displayed on a video monitor at the public entrance to the show venue

  • Twelve (12) Facebook posts displaying your logo as presenting partner (Total reach = 2,400 new and returning visitors)

  • Four (4) post-show social posts thanking you for your support of community theater ( Total reach = 400 new and returning visitors)

  • Logo inclusion with 2 email marketing campaigns, reaching 350 local residents, parents and performers (Open rates at 40-50%, Click-through to your website at 5-7% - above the national average)

  • Four (4) front row seats to each performance and live mention prior to each performance by our announcer

     Investment: $1000

Partner Sponsorship

As a partner, you'll be featured prominently as a supporting business and the positive environment associated with CD Players Theater. Your partnership will be promoted June-August.

Partner Sponsorship Benefits

Audience demographic: 25-54 women

  • Color  3x3" ad placement in the printed playbill

  • Six (6) Facebook targeted posts featuring your logo and appreciation for your participation in advance of each performance

  • Two (2) Facebook posts after each show with your logo

  • Exclusive signage at snack bar with your logo

  • Logo and link inclusion in 1 email campaign promoting ticket sales pre-show (reach = 350 residents)

  • Your logo on the home page of

  • Logo and slogan/tagline on video monitor welcoming audience at the entrance to the show venue

  • Optional opportunity to include coupon/ inserted in playbill

  • Two (2) front row seats for each performance and live appreciation at intermission of each show

     Investment: $400 (limit 3 partners)

Program Partnership

This partnership is an opportunity for a budget-minded business to associate with the positive environment of CD Players Theater and support our local mission, focusing on you.

Program Partnership Benefits

Demographic: 25-64 adults, primarily

family and friends of the actors

  • Inclusion in the performance playbill, a 2x2" color ad with your slogan and/or tagline

  • Silent raffle with your prize/product/ service advertised in the program, with winning ticket numbers posted at the exit. 

  • Logo on video monitor welcoming audience at the venue entrance

  • Complementary drinks and snacks

  • Two (2) second-row seats for each performance

     Investment: $100

Where is our audience?

Here's a snapshot of our Facebook from May 20-25, normally a quieter time before the shows get close. You can see that we are hyper-local, a great environment for you to partner with us!

FB shot.png
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