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CD Players Theater has been a local institution since our founding 21 years ago. The organization has developed a reputation for delivering high-quality entertainment and theater events.


What does this mean for you?


An opportunity to put your brand/business in front of a desirable audience.


Our Mission


1. Share accurate information about who our audience is


2. Demonstrate our deliverables work for your business


3. Follow up after with a “proof of performance" report


Benefits of Sponsorship


1. Our organization is free of public controversy.


Our product is a safe space to associate with. Our events are family-friendly, with entertainment content created for a wide audience. What we do is create joy for all.


2. Our audience is specifically targeted.


\You’ll have confidence you’ll be in front of potential customers which match up with your business goals.

We are presenting two shows this summer, as we always do.

Into The Woods , August 22-24 at 7pm, 25 at 2pm, and Moana. Jr., July 11-13 at 7pm, 14 at 2pm.

Your sponsorship will be visible for both performances.



The Audience We Deliver


  • We have 300+ email addresses in our database

  • Visitor counts to the site were 4000+ between May 1 and August 31, 2023

  • We anticipate traffic to be similar to that this year


Facebook and Instagram are the top sources of website traffic during this time with almost 1000 followers.

Cambridge, Deerfield, Madison, Lake Mills, and Fort Atkinson are our top neighborhoods.


Here are the demographics:

We have some sponsors confirmed to date. Here is the remaining package:



Partner Sponsor 



1. Your brand will be associated with us on the website, in the program at the venue, on the welcome video at the ticketing area as well.

2. Your logo and link will be featured on the site’s most popular pages:

➔ The show pages during the rehearsal period: May-August

➔ The ticket purchase pages during the show run period: June-August 3.


You’ll be featured as the partner sponsor on a minimum of five Facebook/Instagram paid posts, targeting your demographic of choice (women 25-34, women 35-44, women 45-54, or all three).



Your Investment: $300, limited to two sponsors

CD Players Theater audience demographics
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