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Into The Woods 2024

Important reminders:

Don't miss the official kick-off meeting Wednesday May 8 at 7pm. It'll be at Cambridge E;lementary School, 802 W. Water Street.


We'll be handing out background checks for everyone (18+).

The cast will be introduced, rehearsal schedules discussed, scripts distributed, the cast fee will be collected, t-shirt can be ordered (payment required) and other details about the show will be presented.


The Cast

Narrator: Mike Schuster

Cinderella: Bella Bamlett

Jack : Jules Leverton

Jack's Mother: Olivia Bamlett

The Baker: Nikolai Vechinski

The Baker's Wife: Jillian Hepinstall

Cinderella's Step mother: Norah Fitzgibbon

Florinda: Alli Buckets

Lucinda: Grace Leto

Little Red: Emily Lord

The Witch: Joss Vechinsky

Cinderella's Mother: Brittany Smith

Mysterious Man: Maverick Slaven

Wolf: Everett Feirtag

Rapunzel: Vanessa Feirtag

Cinderella's Prince: Dakota Sobek

Rapunzel's Prince: Derek Sobek

Granny: Brittany Smith

Steward: Paige O'Kane and Amanda Matuszak

Cinderella's Father: Everett Feirtag

See you soon!

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